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Group Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in fundraising with Vermont Center Wreaths, Inc. A Great Way To Support Your Local Charitable Organization!

Vermont Center Wreaths, Inc. is a family-operated business located in the very northeast of Vermont. We are approximately 2½ miles from the Canadian Border. All of our products are made of fresh Balsam. Our boughs are gathered only after the nights have become cold and frosty. This keeps the needles firmly in place during the winter months. This precaution is taken to make sure the products you receive will have long lasting freshness.

Raise Funds for Your Group with our Online Ordering Program - Less work for your committee, easy online ordering for your customers!

To raise funds without having to manage bulk shipments, Vermont Center Wreaths offers an easy online ordering program where orders are placed through our e-commerce website:, using your group's unique code and we process the individual orders for you! Pricing is set online, and organizations will receive a per item commission.

We hope we will be working together to provide your customers the opportunity to see for themselves the quality that has made Vermont Center Wreaths, Inc. a reliable asset to your fundraising.

Remember you must register before selling.
Registration form [88KB pdf -- right-click to download].
Please feel free to call or write us any time to discuss your fundraising potential.

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