Vermont Center Wreaths

Group Fund Raiser

A. 25" Wreath

A. 25" Wreath with a large hand tied red velvet weatherproof bow, pine cones and holly berries.

B. 16" Wreath

B. 16" Wreath With a large hand tied red velvet weatherproof bow, pine cones and holly berries.

C. 28" Swag

C. 28" Swag Decorate your door with a 28" hand-made Vermont Balsam swag with a large velvet bow.

D. 25" Wreath with Bow

D. 25" Plain w/ Box With a large red velvet weatherproof bow.

E. 25" Wreath

E. 25" Wreaths Wreath with plaid wire edged bow with pine cones and holly berry.

F. 28" Candy Cane

F. 28" Candy Cane Our beautiful 28" cane of freshly gathered Vermont Balsam is the right choice for a change in decor.

G. 16" Centerpiece

G. 16" Centerpiece Handmade Cedar wreath 16" diameter decorated with red velvet bows, holly berries and a 3" x 6" red candle.

H. Over The Door Black Wreath Hanger

H. Over the Door Black Wreath Hanger

J. 30" Cross with bow

J. 30" Cross with Bow With beautiful red bow.

K. 30" Wreath

K. 30" Wreath 30" Wreath with large red bow, white tipped pine cones & holly berries.

L. 25" Wreath

L. 25" Wreath With burgundy bow, white tipped pine cones & pearl holly berries.

M. Mailbox Wreath

Easily attaches to standard mailbox, rubber band included.

N. Natural Wreath

natural vermont wreath 25" Wreath with red bow with 3 clusters of white tipped pine cones and holly berries.

P. Balsam Sachet

P. Sachet Sachet approx. 6"x6" sold individually, Fabric may differ.

R. True to Life Fragrances

true to life fragrances
  • Fresh Vermont Balsam - A woodsy pine fragrance with frankincense.
  • Praline Caramel Sticky Buns - Warm vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, butter and pecans.
  • Juicy Apple - Bright cherry apples, cinnamon and clove. Our #1 seller!
  • Honey Pear Cider - Delicious anjou pear and honey crisp apple cider sprinkled with cinnamon and cloves.
  • Grandma's Kitchen - Warm baked apple, peach, cinnamon and spice.
  • Cozy Cabin - Curl up with forest fir, sandalwood and cedar.
  • 100% Made in the USA with Lead-Free Wicks
  • 15 oz. Candle - Up to 75 hour burn time
  • Sealed to prevent fragrance migration
  • All of our candles are wicked by adults with special needs through a unique community partnership program
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